Why It’s Important To Hire A Certified Home Inspector

So you’ve just gone under contract for your new home and one of the most immediate deadlines for you to meet now is your inspection objections, meaning you need a professional home inspection. Because this is one, if not the largest purchases you will make in your lifetime, how do you choose your inspector? Searching online and researching local inspectors is probably where you will start. Realtors, friends, and family might also provide you with inspectors they have used in the past. While selecting your home inspector there should be one prominent prerequisite you should keep in mind, only hire a certified home inspector.

Colorado does not have licensing for the home inspection industry so the only way a consumer can be assured you are hiring qualified and ethical inspector is by making sure they are a Certified Professional Inspector.

Certified inspectors are committed to their clients by renewing their qualifications annually and staying up to date with required continuing education. SiteLogic Home Inspections is certified by The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors whose mission is to help inspectors maintain inspection excellence through education.  Certified home inspectors follow a strict standards of practice to ensure you will receive the most quality inspection possible.

Amongst the most important reasons to only hire certified inspectors is the code of ethics they do business by. InterNachi certified home inspectors are held to a code of ethics to protect their customers and the entire inspection industry.

When hiring your home inspector you are hiring trust in qualifications and ethics. Do your research to find out if your potential inspectors are certified by visiting their website or calling ahead and asking for qualifications. Your new home depends on it.