At the crossroads of waiving your inspection objections

Now a popular strategy in the competitive real estate market in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado in general. Buyers can gain an edge in their competing offer to waive their inspection objections. Just be clear, you are NOT waiving your actual inspection. Let's face it, no house is perfect, so trust in the process that a certified home inspection will give you the knowledge to move forward and maintain or improve the areas of your new home that you are now solely responsible for up keeping. 

While these terms will limit and in most cases eliminate your opportunity to ask for repairs on defects and safety issues on the property you’re under contract for, an inspection is no less important for you moving forward. Here’s why…

What if there is a major defect discovered that you cannot financially handle after taking ownership of the property. A certified home inspector can find these issues for you by inspecting the areas of the home you have not had access to or did not know where to look. Of course you can use these discoveries to back out of the deal, but also consider alternatives in these cases. Many times the sellers don’t even know about hidden issues in their attics, roofs, crawlspaces, and foundations so there is potential for understanding with all parties involved. When these issues arise, the seller may realize they will have a difficult time selling the home at all until these repairs are addressed and can help find the appropriate solution to keep their sale alive.  

Beyond the major 'what if' scenarios, safety issues are found at most homes by inspectors and can be easily overlooked by and untrained person. Most safety concerns are easily fixable but need to be pointed out and advised on to prevent health concerns and injuries to you and your house guests.

Inspections usually take around three hours on the property. Buyers should really take advantage of this time to take a good look around, take measurements, and make plans for their use of the space given. You most likely looked at the home quickly online and at a short viewing scheduled with your real estate agent, now you are allotting more time to really get to know the entire house and its systems. Want to make measurements for your flat screen tv and King Bed? Great, use the time you booked on the inspection to gather all the info you need for the move in.

Don’t be shy to ask your inspector questions on the job. Inspectors should be a great resource for you and provide great advice on how to maintain and improve areas of your home yourself. Maintenance tips and energy improvements that your inspector can recommend can pay off immediately and for years later. SiteLogic even has a trusted list of vendors we can share if you need maintenance work done that you can’t handle yourself. The time at the inspection and the report itself will act as a guide for the new homeowners and will be worth the inspection alone when objections are waived.

In the end, a home inspection will provide you insight and/or peace of mind. When you feel you need to waive your inspection objections to get under contract, that’s okay. Just be sure to still hire a certified home inspector that will be available to you long after your inspection to take your questions, concerns, and give you quality advice for the entire time you own the home.

About SiteLogic
SiteLogic Home Inspections is a local and family owned business in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our inspections and reports are designed to be one of the most helpful steps in your home buying process. Owner and Lead Inspector Joe Anderson is dedicated to making sure you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your home, and is available to answer any questions you have even long after your inspection is complete.   

SiteLogic is a Certified Professional Inspection company. We are InterNACHI certified, so you can trust that our inspectors are among the most highly trained in the industry. Our professionally trained home inspectors use modern technology, tools, and techniques to identify deficiencies and effectively communicate what exactly it means to the current condition of your home. Visit to learn more.