Rough Hail Season in Northern Colorado

Large hail storms hit areas of Northern Colorado hard this summer and homeowners and buyers should be aware of what this type of damage could mean to your home. Hail damage can result in fractured roof covering materials, like asphalt shingles, which will significantly reduce its life expectancy and invite vulnerability to leaks. This year’s storms appeared to be in most cases severe enough that many roofs need replacement.

A roof replacement due to hail damage will depend on several factors. Damage will largely vary from home to home based on the direction of the storm as it aligns with your roof orientation, size and shape of hail in your area, thickness and underlying material of your roof covering, and if your roof previously had any deterioration.


Hail damage is nearly impossible to see from the ground level so it’s important to inspect the roof by walking on it. Only people trained to walk on roofs and use tall ladders should inspect your roof due to obvious safety concerns. Also, hail damage typically leaves a distinctive pattern of granule loss that can easily be misidentified by someone not trained in this field. Hail damage is usually circular with the center granules intact and surrounding granules missing, not to be confused with blisters or other granule loss patterns. Hail damage also goes beyond just the roof so gutters, siding, and other exterior components should be closely inspected.

If you are concerned hail damage has hit your home, most roofing contractors will do free inspections for you and help work with your insurance company if damage is severe enough for replacement. Use our vendor list to find a local and trusted roofing contractor. If you’re in the process of buying a home, have us closely inspect your entire home and identify any hail damage that may be present.

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